Local Control Accountability Program: Goal, Outcomes, Actions

Goal 1:  Students will attend school regularly.


  • Increase our Average Daily Attendance from 92% to 96%

  • Decrease our percentage of Chronic Absentees (absent more than 10%) from 11% to 5%.

  • Increase the number of Attendance Meetings with family for chronic absentees from 40% to 80%.

  • Maintain our middle school drop-out rate of 0%.

Action 1 -Increase parent awareness of attendance policies and the importance of good school attendance by:

  • Including attendance policies in back-to-school mailings

  • Posting policies online

  • Sharing in the Monday Note

  • Discussing it at the first Potluck and Performance

Action 2 - Continue having office staff track Independent Study Packets.  Office staff report on attendance problems weekly at staff meetings

Action 3 - Implement “Attendance Circle” with 80% of the students who are chronically absent. This meeting should result in an attendance contract. Maintain an additional .2 School Psych to facilitate these meetings and work on reducing barriers to school attendance.

Goal 2: We will have a safe building and be prepared for emergencies.


  • 100% of our staff will be current in CPR and first aid.  High School students receive training

  • Humidity rates between 40-60%.  Mold levels monitored and appropriate action is taken.

  • Emergency kits in all of our classrooms.

  • New safety plan is written and implemented.

  • Rodent population controlled.

  • New building in the next two years. 

Action 1 - Certify 100% of our staff current in CPR and First Aid. Provide first aid training for our high school students.

Action 2 – Check humidity rates twice a year.  Mold testing once a year and any needed action taken.

Action 3 - Emergency Kits in 100% of our classrooms.

Action 4 - Write the new Safety Plan as required by the new state law.   Stipend a staff member to write the plan during the summer of 2019. Review and implement at a whole staff in August 2019.

Action 5 - Attend a conference in August on New School Funding.   Continue to work with Greenway Project Management to build a new site.


Goal 3: Curriculum: Providing Support for All Students.


  • Increase our CAASPP scores in English and Math by 3%

  • Full implementation of Wit and Wisdom. 

  • Use Dibels and Exact Path to track individual progress and target instruction.

  • Performance and Potluck Community Event to share student work and increase parent involvement.

Action 1 - Continue to implement Wit and Wisdom with the addition of a phonics program in the younger grades.  Staff training in phonics program before school.

Action 2- Provide support:

  • Students performing below grade level and not making adequate growth to achieve grade level will be provided with additional support.  (Small group RST, aide support in the classroom, reteaching, additional Resource Teacher, extra teacher to ensure small class size.)

  • A half-time math support teacher for high school students will continue to be provided.  We will continue to have a full-time school psychologist and .4 speech pathologist.   These actions will support our unduplicated students (low income) which make up over 50% of our population. 

  • 1 FTE Teaching position and benefits and a special service aide to provide push-in services to students needing extra support will be provided.

  • Use Dibels to assess growth in K-4, and NWEA to assess growth in 5-8.  Use Exact Path from Edmentum to teach specific skills that are identified by the NWEA in 5th-8th grade.

  • Follow the Performance Indicator Review Plan we created to increase participation rates for CAASPP testing.

Action 3 – Continue with Laurel Tree Wild Potluck and Performance as community events and showcases for student work.   This a community building event where information is shared with parents and input on school decisions is solicited. 

Action 4 – Survey parents yearly about the school community, safety, and input on LCAP goals.

Action 5 -  Send a teacher to training on English Learner Testing and begin to develop our plan to use CCSS and the ELD standards for purposes of gaining academic content knowledge and English language proficiency. 


Goal 4: Providing a Rich and Rigorous Curriculum


  • Implement Common Core Report Card kindergarten through fourth grade.

  • Integrate Common Core standards within project-based learning. 

  • Purchase state standard aligned instructional materials.

  • Reduce suspension and expulsion rates through Restorative Practices and Mindfulness.

Action 1 - Continue to implement Forest Kindergarten Program with Core Growth assessments used to plan instruction and intervention.

Action 2 - Continue to use our Staff Retreat week in June to develop and refine rich and rigorous curriculum units using Common Core standards around project-based learning.  High School teachers continue to develop A-G elective and science classes.

Action 3 - Continue to purchase materials and supplies that support Common Core in our classrooms, to ensure that we have sufficient state standards-aligned instructional materials, and experiences that support real learning through travel and theater.


Goal 5: College Readiness


  • Increase the number of A-G courses that we offer.

  • Increase the percentage of students who concurrently enroll in courses at the College of the Redwoods.

  • Increase the percentage of students who apply to college or training programs.

  • Increase the number of computers available to high school students.

  • Increase our graduation rates.

Action 1 - Pay stipends to teachers to write science A-G courses and elective courses during the summer.

Action 2 – Counseling:

  • Continue to have the Academic Counselor position to oversee the concurrent enrollment process and support students in their first classes at College of the Redwoods.

  • Teach a unit on college and career in high school English classes that result in an application to college or technical school.

Action 3 - Creating a culture of college-going:

  • Teach unit on applying to college as part of our high school English classes. (Fall 2019)

  • Provide field trips to colleges for high school students. (Fall 2019)

  • Provide job shadowing opportunities or community service requirements for high school students.

  • Provide opportunities to take the PSAT and the SAT for our high school students.

  • Begin to track the number of students who participate in and demonstrate preparedness for college through the Early Assessment Program (EAP)

  • Provide information from Career Frontiers to our high school students. 

Action 4 - Continue to maintain and repair computers so that all high school students have access to computers in all their classes.


Goal 6: Improve Teacher Evaluations and Professional Development


  • Review and improve the teacher evaluation tool yearly.

  • Evaluate staff yearly.

  • Teacher goals are written yearly and used to create a professional development plan.

  • Duties reviewed annually and contracts updated. 

Action 1 - Modify our tool to be a Professional Development Badge.  Incorporate a focus on observing each other implementing Grace Dearborn's classroom management strategies.

Action 2 - Write goals at staff retreat which are part of Teacher Evaluations.   Plan staff development based on goals and program needs. 

Action 3 – Review contracts, duties, and expectations annually at the Staff Retreat.

Action 4 – Develop a list of any teachers that are not appropriately assigned or fully credentialed and create a plan to bring us into full compliance.