Beginning Robotics

Our robotics class is a high school elective for anyone interesting in constructing and programming robots and electronics.  In the spirit of the Maker Movement we employ rapid prototyping methods to learn while doing, making a series of robots with ever increasing complexity.  Jumping in to create lightweight, silly robots out of cardboard and common crafting materials lets our teams test out wild ideas and learn from their mistakes in a low pressure environment.  Goofy robots lead to an understanding of engineering concepts and a familiarity with common programming languages.


Hummingbird Robotics Kits




Tri Color LEDs

Vibration Motor

Rotational Motor



Distance Sensor

Sound Sensor


Temperature Sensor


Check out some of our creations

Cable Driven Robots

Art Making Robots


We were inspired by a movement of crappy robot sumo wrestling tournaments that started in Japan and is spreading worldwide.   Embracing the technical inadequacies of both the competitors and the robots, we took apart thrift store toys, slapped some simple motors and batteries on them, and pointed them at each other to see what happens. 

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Robotic Petting Zoo