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Ashland Trip: Itinerary, packing list, play info.


Tuesday, September 24th – Be at school at 6:30. We leave school at 7:00 am sharp. 

Arrive in Ashland at noon and check into our dorms on the SOU Campus -560 Indiana Street, (the parking lot for Cox Hall is just beyond this address).  All drivers will need a parking permit from Brenda once they arrive.


Lunch at 1:00 at the Hawk.  We meet as a group on the first floor and then walk across the street.  Students can return to their dorms when they finish.  Middle School students need to have an adult with them to return. 

4:00 pm we all leave for La Comedia of Errors.  We park at Lithia Park, walk through the park and meet “On the Bricks” in front of the Bowmer Theater (15 S. Pioneer Street). We see our first show this evening at 5:00 in the Thomas Theater. 

6:30 pm we have dinner on the bricks and stretch our legs.  Pizza will be delivered.  Then we see Hairspray at 8:00 in the Angus Bowmer.  After the show, collect your car group on the bricks and head back to the dorms.  Bedtime!

Wednesday, September 25th – Breakfast at the Hawk at 8:00. Theater Workshop at SOU!  Lunch with your small group. (You’ll need $10.00 - $15.00).  Time for exploration and shopping. Dinner in your small group (You’ll need $10.00 - $15.00).   Meet on the Bricks at 7:00.   Alice in Wonderland in the outdoor Elizabethan Theater (bring a jacket) at 8.  Discussion and ice cream back at the dorms.

Thursday, September 26th – Breakfast at the Hawk at 8:00. Clean up and pack cars.  Middle School leaves for home at 10.  Lunch in cargroups ($10). They should arrive home around 3:30.

High School has either a college tour of Southern Oregon University followed by lunch at the Hawk or a backstage tour at OSF followed by lunch on your own ($10), TBD.

1:00 meet on the bricks.  We see Cambodian Rock Band in the Thomas Theater.  Immediately after, we will drive home.  We should arrive about 10:00 pm.  Yes, there is school on Friday.

This wonderful opportunity to travel and see some of the best theater on the West Coast is what we base our English Curriculum on for September.  Students will be reading the plays, researching the history, learning vocabulary, and reading and analyzing reviews in preparation for writing their own.  

After seeing the plays and taking theater classes at SOU, they’ll get to visit the town of Ashland with its interesting shops and beautiful Lithia Park.   It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also school-on-the-road!  There will be class time and assignments: discussion, writing, and an integrated art curriculum involving sketch journals.    


The school pays for the tickets, most of the food, and transportation. We ask parents to pay $60 for lodging ($30.00 a night), and send $30-$45 dollars with their student for three meals out.  You may also send additional money for souvenirs, but we ask that it not be more than $40.


Even if a family cannot pay, we make sure that all students go.  Call me and we’ll work something out. This is such an important part of the fall curriculum; we don’t want anyone to miss it.  

We have limited room for parent chaperones and first priority goes to folks that have a car that holds at least five students. The cost for parents who can drive is $100.00 and the gas money to drive students there and back.  The cost for parents who can’t drive is $200.00

Packing List for Ashland


(Packing light is essential.  One small bag. You do not need sleeping bags.)


  • Lunch and lots of snacks for Tuesday

  • Water bottle

  • Daypack for carrying lunches, water, etc.

  • Two or three school outfits

  • Underwear and socks

  • One warm sweater/jacket for evenings

  • Rain gear or umbrella

  • One nice outfit for evening theater

  • Toothpaste/toothbrush

  • Hairbrush

  • Soap/shampoo

  • Towel

  • Any medication the student is currently taking w/instructions.

  • $30-45 for three meals out



Don’t send really expensive things, I can’t guarantee their safety.


Students may bring spending money but I ask that they not bring more

than $40.00.

Brenda's cell phone (707) 498-1770
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