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State Reports/Our Plans

You'll find official documents and required reports here, as well as the long-term plans for achieving our goals. 


Western Association of Schools and College (WASC)

We are WASC Accredited.  WASC is a voluntary dual-purpose process for schools to demonstrate that they provide high-quality learning and model continual self-improvement. We complete a thorough self-study every five or six years and submit that to a WASC Team.  They come and spend three days with us verifying and observing and then they write their own report and make recommendations.  You can read our self-study here, and the WASC Team findings here.  

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Local Control and Accountability Program (LCAP)

Our LCAP is the plan we make based on our WASC study.  Once we've looked closely at where we are and where we want to be, we need a plan to get there.  Parents, students, and staff give input into this plan every year and we use it to monitor our progress towards our goals.  Read ours here.  If you'd like to know what we're working on, but don't want to read all 100+ pages, see the short version and the summary pages below.


School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Our SARC is a collection of data about our school that provides information on everything from class size and demographics to facility maintenance.  Click here to see ours.

LCAP Overview:

Goal 1: A strong connection with students, families, and community.

Desired Outcomes:

*Communication of our Mission, Vision, and our Five R’s to our community through our website, Monday Note, and events.

*Events that create connections with parents and community.

*Good communication with parents on systems and procedures.

*Ways for parents to give and input and contact teachers.

*Increase our Average Daily Attendance from 92% to 96%

*Decrease our percentage of chronic absenteeism (absent more than 10%) from 11% to 5%.

*Increase the number of Attendance Meetings with family for chronic absenteeism from 40% to 80%.

*Maintain our middle school drop-out rate of 0%.


Goal 2: A safe school site that facilitates the kind of learning we aspire to - inclusive, sustainable, developmentally appropriate, project-based, and college and career-ready.

Desired Outcomes:

*100% of our staff will be current in CPR and first aid.

*High School students receive training.

*Humidity rates between 40-60%. Mold levels monitored and appropriate action is taken.

*Emergency kits, including fire safety kits, in all of our classrooms.

*New safety plan maintained.

*New sustainable site in the next two years.

*Outdoor Wilderness Certification for some staff

*Risk Assessments Completed for Forest School Emergency Plans for off-campus.

*Middle schoolers intro. To CPR, First Aid, Ocean Safety.


Goal 3: Assessment that is used to plan student supports and track individual student growth.

Desired Outcomes:

*Increase our CAASPP scores in English and Math by 3%

*Full implementation of Wit and Wisdom.

*Use Dibels, Exact Path, and CAASPP, as well as in-house assessment and teacher knowledge of students to track individual progress and target instruction.


Goal 4: Standards integrated into rich and rigorous hands-on, project-based, forest school curriculum.

Desired Outcomes:

*Integrate Common Core standards within project-based learning.

*Create curriculum that is engaging and developmentally appropriate.

*Purchase state standards-aligned instructional materials.

*Create a learning environment where students thrive.

*Reduce suspension and expulsion rates through Restorative Practices and Mindfulness.


Goal 5: Graduates that are ready for college and careers.

Desired Outcomes:

*All courses offered in high school will be on the A-G list.

*Increase the percentage of students who concurrently enroll in courses at College of the Redwoods.

*Students will have an understanding of their options after high school and will have assistance in accessing those options.

*Increase the percentage of students who apply to college or training programs directly out of high school.

*All high school students have access to computers.

*Increase and/or maintain our graduation rates.

*Demonstrate college and career readiness through indicators and can track students after they graduate.

*Students have access to CTE pathways.


Goal 6: Effective teacher evaluations and professional development 

Desired Outcomes:

*An effective teacher evaluation tool that is reviewed yearly.

*Yearly staff evaluations that provide helpful feedback for teachers

*A professional development plan based on yearly teacher goals and school-wide LCAP goals, maintained and assessed for effectiveness.


Goal 7: A strong and inclusive governance team.

Desired Outcomes:

*A diverse and informed school board

*Training that allows for shared leadership and responsibility.

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