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Parent/Student Resources

The school handbook, that form you need to sign, how to check grades and see assignments, what's for lunch, when is Winter Break, and lots more.  It's all here.

Daily Schedule for 2022-23

Kindergarten - 8:30 to 1 Monday-Friday

1st -5th grade - 8:30 to 3:00 Monday-Thursday, 8:30-1 on Friday

6th-7th grade - 9:00 to 3:30 Monday -Thursday, 8:30 to 1 on Friday

8th-12th - 9:00 to 3:45 Monday-Thursday, 8:30 to 1 on Friday

Menu March 13-17

All breakfasts come with milk and fruit. All lunches come with milk, fruit, and veggies. We use local and organic whenever possible. Free for all!


Monday: Breakfast - Toast with spread.

Lunch - Empanadas

Tuesday: Breakfast - yogurt and granola. Lunch - Hot dogs or veggie dogs

Wednesday: Breakfast - Bagels and cream cheese. Lunch - Ramen Soup

Thursday: Breakfast - Smoothie and granola bar. Lunch - Rice bowl

Friday: Breakfast - Muffins. Lunch - Pizza bagels

Student Handbook text written on a notebook with pencils.jpg

Got questions? Our handbook covers everything from dress codes to discipline policies.  Click here for Laurel Tree A-Z.

Student information form.jpg

Copies of forms, permissions slips, and other important papers that might have gotten lost in backpacks can be found here:

The Aftercare Form is here.  Heather Nikolauson is our Aftercare Director.  You can reach her at 382-5281 or at 

Emergency Forms are here.

Income Verification for Free and Reduced Lunch (we need these from everyone - it affects our funding)

Permission Slip for Forest School

Student Handbook text written on a notebook with pencils.jpg

We use Jupiter Ed in middle and high school as an online grading and communication system.   Students and parents can login and check grades, missing assignments, and contact any of their teachers.  We use Google Classroom to post materials and assignments and Jupiter Ed to post grades.  There's a good overview of Google Classroom here.

Grievance Procedures, Induction Training headlines concept..jpg

Uniform Complaint Procedure

Problems and conflicts are part of community.  Here's how we handle them.  First, call or email the teacher directly and set up a time to talk about your concerns.  If more support is needed, Brenda, the Lead Teacher, and our school psych/social work team are available to help. We often use a team approach and restorative practices to solve problems. If that's still not working, the School Board is your next stop. The formal Uniform Complaint Procedure is here.


                         AB 104

AB 104 is a new law that gives parents the right to:

1.  Request student retention.

2.  Request pass/no pass grades for students whose grades suffered during distance learning.

3. Request that juniors and seniors have extra graduation requirements waived.     For more information see the AB 104 fact sheet. There is also a Grade Change Application and a list of all colleges that are accepting P/NP grades.  

Psychological assistance. Close up of diverse group of unknown young people sitting in nar

Resources for Wellbeing

Resources on Our Staff:

Claire Ajina - School Psychologist

Megan Mccullough - Social Work Intern


We use restorative practices and mediation to resolve conflict and keep students safe.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 to 24. Sometimes your struggle can be underestimated because of your age. But we hear you, and help is available.

Parent Training in Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self- Care

What is Mindfulness? 

Just Breathe - video

Jupiter Ed - Online Grading
Google Classroom for Assignments

That Form I Need to Sign!
School Handbook
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