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Student Safety

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School Safety Plan

We have a school safety plan that is updated annually.  It covers everything from lockdowns to how we handle conflict.  Click here to check it out!


Covid-19 Plans

We keep students safe by staying outside most of our day, wearing masks, washing hands, and checking temperatures in the morning.  We have air filters inside and daily surface cleaning.  We follow CDC guidelines and have a Covid-19 Prevention Plan (CPP) and a Covid-19 Safety Plan (CSP).   Check out the Safe Schools Parent Page for good resources and information. 

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Resources for Wellbeing

Resources on Our Staff:

Angela Malley - School Psychologist


We use restorative practices and mediation to resolve conflict and keep students safe.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 to 24. Sometimes your struggle can be underestimated because of your age. But we hear you, and help is available.

Parent Training on Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self- Care

What is Mindfulness? 

Just Breathe - video


Very Unhealthy - Students stay home.

Unhealthy - Primary students move inside. Older students wear N95 masks.

Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.  No strenuous activity. Teachers monitor students carefully.



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