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Thailand/Cambodia - June 2019​

Next year's World History Course has a big travel component.  We'll be learning about World History, reading historical novels, studying world music, learning how to plan trips to various locations around the world and then actually traveling to Thailand and Cambodia at the end of the year.  Start saving now!   


Approximate budget:  

Rough Budget:

Airline ticket $800.00

Lodging $200.00 (20 nights at $10)

Transit $100

Food $300  (20 days at $15)

Activities $200

Passport $100

Total $1,700


Deadline for signing up for this trip is September 2018

Deposit of $500 due in September and your passport must be in progress.

Second Deposit of $600 due in January

Third Deposit of $600 due of May


This trip is open to high school students primarily and may run as much as two weeks into summer. 


Ideas for raising money:

  • By next September you need $500 to put down as a deposit so we know you’re serious and we can get an exact count on who is going.  You are on your own for earning that money.  Some people are writing letters or making phone calls to ask for donations from family.  Some people are planning on having car washes or yard sales over the summer.  Some people are getting summer jobs.  Some people’s families are just setting aside $100.00 a month for the next five months.

  • AFTER SEPTEMBER – We are offering a sixth-period elective called Make and Design.   During this time, students will get support in organizing, creating and implementing their own fundraisers to help fund the trip.  It probably won’t be enough to pay for the whole trip but it should make a serious dent in it.  You’ll learn a little about accounting, creating a business plan, and a lot about organizing and planning in the process. 


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