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Beyond the Classroom

Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

This wonderful opportunity to travel and see some of the best theater on the West Coast is part of our English Curriculum for September and October.  We spend two or three nights in the dorms at Southern Oregon University, see two to four plays at OSF, take theater classes and explore the beautiful town of Ashland.  Click the button above to get details about this year's trip. 


We have a backpacking club that goes on three multi-day trips during the year.  Since academic days are missed, you must have a C average to participate.  We also expect you to attend the club meetings and participate in the planning process. This includes readings pertaining to where we are going.   Parents are welcome.  Please talk to Sam or Violet if you're interested.   Click here to see pictures of previous trips:
Camping together is the way we start our year for middle and high school students.  We get together for a week to plan, agree on our laws, get our systems set up, elect our tribal leaders and get to know each other.  We come away from that first week connected.  We love having this time to get to know our students as people and to begin our work for the year together. Click the button above for more information about this year's camping trip. 

Forest School is an educational program for young children that takes place outside, in all kinds of weather and all kinds of ecosystems.  It allows children to learn about their world through play and exploration.  Teachers support learning with stories, songs, and activities that help develop a child's social, physical and emotional skills, as well as their academic skills.  We offer a half-day program for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.

Students in grades first through eighth work in mixed age groups on four different projects throughout the year: Tidal Zone Explorers, Edible Education, Theater, and Community Classes.  Each project is eight or nine weeks long, uses hands-on learning around Common Core Standards, and culminates with a performance or product at our Potluck and Performance.  Click the button above for more information on these exciting projects.
In the spring, students have the opportunity to travel based on what we've been studying that year.  We've traveled to the Yucatan to study Spanish language and culture, Washington D.C. for U.S. History and Government, Catalina Island for Biology, and San Francisco for World History and Culture.   We're planning a three or four week trip to Thailand and Cambodia in June of 2019 as part of our World History class next year!  Click the button for details.
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