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Come Prepared: Personal Protective Gear for STEAM learning

Laurel Tree Forest Kindergarten aims to provide a nature-based learning environment in all types of weather. Parents should expect that the majority of school hours will be spent outdoors. Making appropriate clothing choices is essential for enabling children to have a positive experience in the outdoor learning environment. We encourage students to come prepared with long pants, hair tied back, covered shoes/boots and rain gear (when needed). Layered clothing should be worn to enable comfort in all types of weather. We often participate in activities that involve interacting with the elements and may result in getting dirty. Therefore, we ask parents to send their children in clothing that can get dirty and that they can easily run and play in.

Come Prepared:

•Adequate layers and rain gear when needed

•Backpack containing: water bottle, change of clothes, plastic bag for wet clothing, snack and lunch (unless purchasing lunch at Laurel Tree), drop cloth for meals

•Please provide sunscreen and bug repellent if your child requires it

•Appropriate shoes (boots, sandals, hiking shoes)

•Hat (for cold weather and sunny days)

•Always bring a jacket

* Laurel Tree provides full outer rain gear for all students. Rain boots and outer rain gear should be kept at school.

Coming well equipped, with proper clothing, allows children to experience rain, sun, wind and cold with greater appreciation. Laurel Tree provides full outer rain gear for all students.

When participating in STEAM learning involving tools, fire or other potential hazardous activities, we make use a variety of personal protective equipment. A glove should be worn when holding items to be drilled or cut. Long pants or rain gear is recommended when sawing. Goggles are worn when smashing rocks. Fire gloves are worn when handling items that are hot or have been in the fire. Children are taught safety procedures prior to use of tools, fire, climbing, or other high hazard activities. These activities are always supervised by a trained adult. Risk/benefit assessments are completed for each activity that may pose a potential hazard. Safety protocols are put in place to mitigate any hazards.

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