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Lanphere Dunes

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We saw a Grey Fox on our way to the trail head! One of the students spotted him and we all got a good look!

We stopped for snacks and a discussion of the area.

~How we can respect this beautiful area?

~What does it mean to tread lightly?

~Why does a place like this need to be


~What can we do to help?

Here we go!

It was a steep hike up the first dune...

...But we made it!

First things first- off with those shoes! We played on the lovely warm sand, running and tumbling.

We broke up into three small groups. Equipped with magnifying glasses we set off to explore the dunes.

< We found a few different ant hills!

We talked about the different plants that live on the dunes and in the dune forest.

The Humboldt Bay Wallflower is very rare!

Violet takes a closer look.

We found a mushroom called Dead Man's Fingers! Yuck!

Could this be our Grey Fox friend we saw earlier?

A skunk?

A coyote?

A raccoon?

What a wonderful day!

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