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The Benefits of Risk Taking

Risk Management Policy

Laurel Tree Forest Kindergarten understands that risk-taking is an essential part of holistic development, when it is appropriate to the child and the environment. Appropriate risk builds resilience and develops gross motor, fine motor, proprioception and vestibular senses.

Risk Management Procedures

When a risk poses a potential hazard to a participant a risk/benefit assessment will be completed prior to participation whenever possible. If an unknown hazard within the Forest School site develops, a risk assessment will be undertaken and/or the hazard will be removed when possible. Following the completion of the risk/benefit assessment the potential hazard will be assessed to determine if the control measures adequately protect the participants from injury.

Participants are taught to assess the hazards around them. Each day at Forest School the boundaries are reviewed and discussed. Participants are encouraged to participate in discussion related to control measures that may mitigate potential hazards. When participants are engaging in an activity requiring control measures review of boundaries and agreements occur each time during use.

Participants learn to assess any potential risks and make a plan for how to undertake activities in a safer way.

Risk assessments occur prior to Forest School sessions involving potential hazards. If an unknown hazard develops and/or an injury occurs, a risk assessment will be completed to determine necessary precautions.



Activity: Playing with branches, sticks and rocks

Benefits of the Activity:

● Practice safe use of “tools”

● Develop spatial awareness

● Encourages communication

● Learning to use nature creatively, leading to creativity in other areas

● Enhances natural experience, encourages love of nature

● Tree identification and awareness of different aspects of different trees

● Tool to develop imaginary play

Click on the link below to view our risk/benefit

assessment and safety measures for stick use

in Forest Kindergarten.

risk sticks
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